Purposely designed and engineered in 1992, the warm natural timber dominates the construction of The Studio. Equipped with huge glass windows and plenty of natural light, The Studio’s three isolation rooms and one of a kind control room offer stunning views across Byron’s hinterland and a sound to match.

“At Rockinghorse you can sense the walls have witnessed greatness with so many awesome recordings coming out of there. Wolfmother,  StickyFingers,  Spiderbait, Grinspoon are just a few that come to mind. The combination of having state of the art gear, killer sounding rooms, amazing managers and situated on a beautiful property make it the perfect place to record. We can’t wait to get back there again.”

In early 2017, The Studio was completely rewired with every channel, connector, cable and plug being replaced. In addition, Rockinghorse’s legendary Neve V Series console has also been given a 21st century make-over. Dismantled and shipped to Rob Squire at Proharmonic in Adelaide, 16 fully functional rack-mounted channels now dress the control desk. Supported by a Slate Monitoring Control system and a Slate Raven multi touch screen production console, Rockinghorse now offers classic front end coupled with state of the art digital technology.

Check out the entire gear list here.

Gear List:

Mic Pre’s

  • 24 x Neve 1272 Vintage Pre Amps
  • 4 x API 3124’s
  • 1 x Avalon M2 stereo pre

Mic Pre’s / EQ’s

  • 4 x Neve 1064’s Mic Pre’s / EQ’s
  • 16 x Neve V series channel strips


  • 3 x 1176
  • 2 x LA4
  • 2 x Neve 2254/A
  • 2 x dbx 160
  • 2 x dbx 160XT
  • 1 x Smart C2


  • 1 x GML Stereo EQ
  • 2 x Pultec EQP1A


  • NS10M
  • Genelec 1032A
  • Slate Monitor Control


  • 1 x Sans Amp Rack
  • 1 x dbx 120
  • 1 x PCM170
  • 1 x Ursa Major
  • 1 x Dim D
  • 1 x 480L
  • 1 x EMT Gold Foil Plate
  • 1 x MXR Digital Delay

Tape Machine

  • 1 x Studer A820


  • ProTools 10.3.8
  • 3 x 192 I/O (24 I/P and 32 O/P)
  • Slate Raven


  • 1 x U89i
  • 2 x TLM 170
  • 1 x U87
  • 1 x U47 FET
  • 2 x AKG C12B Valve Mic’s
  • 3 x KM84
  • 1 x Senheiser 441
  • 2 x Senheiser 421
  • 2 x AKG C414
  • 1 x AGK D112
  • 2 x SM58
  • 1 x Beyer M201
  • 3 x Beta 57
  • 3 x SM57
  • 2 x PZM Mic’s
  • 2 x EV N/D 408A
  • 1 x Shure SM7B

With a renown history spanning decades The Studio has been a part of Australia’s rich music industry and seen the creations of hundreds of local and internationally recognised artists. Primed to support future artists with seamless operations and unbeatable sound quality for years to come. Australia’s recording studios have never been so beautiful. Rockinghorse Studios you know by name, once you have visited this space you will know it by heart.

Inspired by sound and made with Music, a story so long no one soul recalls it all and already timeless beyond words, join our story and let Rockinghorse Studios leave you with a lifetime of memories. recording studio australia